Black Owned Healthcare Firm Commits to Hassle-Free Healthcare

11/25/2020 12:04 AM Comment(s) By Jose.M

Independent Medical Group (IMG) introduces its hassle-­‐free healthcare initiative. IMG seeks to ease the stress of patient care for physicians and patients alike. Atop healthcare disparities in underserved communities, the stress and costs associated with visiting a doctor’s office can discourage individuals who are already at-­‐risk. Through this program, IMG delivers convenient HIV and general healthcare services directly to the community.

In the ever-­‐growing digital age, it is no surprise, IMG, its physicians, and patients have benefited from the convenience of technology. Technology in healthcare is not only convenient but a huge time saver in patient care management. Alongside collecting data, digital outlets have assisted in improving patient-­‐physician communication. When treating HIV patients, privacy and convenience are imperative to secure trust and continued treatment.


        “We provide healthcare services to underrepresented communities affected by HIV, STDs and Hep C.”

IMG thrives on making patient care accessible through all of our resources and digital platforms. Currently, IMG has six convenient outlets to communicate and treat patients:

  1. Website – The one-­‐stop shop for the latest updates on HIV, STDs, and Hep C treatment and location options. IMG serves as a community resource for all your HIV, STD, Hep C, and general healthcare needs.
  2. Digital App – Quick and easy way for patients to access their health records and communicate with a physician
  3. Telehealth – A convenient way for a patient to address health concerns with their physician without leaving the comfort of their home.
  4. Mobile Unit – This is a fully equipped mobile clinic created to provide HIV, Hep C, STD, and COVID-­19 testing to underrepresented communities.
  5. PrEP Online – The all-­‐inclusive online portal for HIV preventative treatment, PrEP. To sign up for a prescription of PrEP, visit
  6. Social Media – IMG is committed to engaging with its audience through Instagram (@imghealthclinic), Twitter (@imghealthclinic), Facebook (Independent Medical Group). IMG also builds relationships with like-­‐minded professionals on LinkedIn (Independent Medical Group).

Independent Medical Group (IMG) specializes in the testing, treatment, and management of HIV, Hepatitis C, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. IMG offers an array of services that includes healthcare and pharmacy services, case management, and mental health and substance abuse management.

Co-­‐founders Steve Vixamar (COO) and Clifford W. Knights II (CEO) are committed to providing healthcare services to everyone, regardless of race, sexual preference, or socioeconomic status. Our goal is to raise awareness about HIV and Hepatitis C, how the virus can impact those in underrepresented communities, and equip those infected with the tools and knowledge to prevent and treat them.

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