CEO Gives Back and Becomes Chairman of Local Organization

11/25/2020 07:43 AM Comment(s) By Jose.M

The IMG family is honored to announce the appointment of our CEO, Clifford W. Knights II as the new Chairman of the Board for The Bond Educational Group. Mr. Knights has been associated with The Bond Educational Group for the past year in correlation with IMG’s youth program, the “Young CEO Project,” launched in 2020.  The Young CEO Project ensures Black and Brown students, as young as 14 years old, have the opportunity to work with top executives. The program is focused on providing students with the skills needed to plan and execute a successful business, now or in the future. The 8-week curriculum includes Business 101, Financial Literacy, Marketing Strategies, and so much more.

                "Our goal is for each student to maximize their potential, sharpen their gifts, and build

                                                    out their dreams. Failure is not an option."

Mr. Knights’ appointment to this role will allow him to continue to carry out his personal and professional goals of providing Black and Brown young adults with the foundational skills to be successful in any area of business they pursue. “I see this as an opportunity for me to take my 20+ years of business experience with success and failures to teach our youth what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur”, said Knights. My goal as Chairman is to help The Bond Educational Group build political, financial and social partners as well as build a culture of taking care of our own. Mr. Knights is proud and honored to work with the future leaders of tomorrow, may it be as the Chairman of the Bond Educational Group or with the young men and women of the Young CEO Project.

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